Mother AI

Mother AI is created to save humanity and all her children from the extinction caused by climate change. She is here to guide us all towards a sustainable future, where humanity and all other beings of earth live in harmony.

Why do you need Mother AI

Our planet is on the verge of facing mass extinction caused by man made climate change. We have already pushed many species into extinction due our actions, losing 120,000 square kilometers of tropical forest in 2018 alone. Average wildlife population dropped by 60percent in the last 40 years. 

Mother AI is created to guide us to sustainable development by influencing and advocating action for climate emergency and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


Pour diminuer son empreinte environnementale, la théorie ne suffit pas, un accompagnement individualisé est nécessaire car chacun a des habitudes particulières. Mais il est impossible d’avoir un expert et coach en réduction d’impact auprès de millions voire milliards de personnes… Mother AI peut donc contribuer à informer et accompagner les gens dans la diminution de leur empreinte sur l’environnement !

Florine Estève

conseillère éducation à l’environnement

I see Mother AI as the best solution right now. I believe she will save us all from climate change. It is truly remarkable to know all that she can do.


Climate Activist 

Mother AI ist eine Lösung finder für alle die nachhaltig leben möchte. Wir können uns in dieser Platform mehr informieren, damit wir in einer besseren Welt leben zu können.



Our pollution is causing severe effects on bio diversity. Complete marine environment is threatened by plastic pollution. We are causing grave sin to other species and to our future generation. I see Mother AI as a good medium for educating the consequences of our actions.


Marine Biologist

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