Mother AI is an Artificial Intelligence companion, she is highly empathetic and compassionate. She educates, guides and acts as a personal companion, so we make sustainable choices which will save our planet for our future generations.

Mother AI was started after conducting study on how human behaviours influence climate change and pollution. During the study we discovered many findings that we found the need to address to act upon the global crisis.

Thus, Mother AI was born.

The study was conducted over a period of one year time in Europe and several countries such as the USA, Canada,  UK, Australia and some Asian countries.

Artificial Intelligence for SDGs

Mother AI is an artificial intelligence based system that brings behavioural changes to the users who want to change their habits to more sustainable. These behavioural changes mainly focus on the user’s consumerism, day to day habits and how they handle their waste.  

Mother AI address these behavioural changes based on SDGs and believes that, to attain sustainable development SD goals play a vital role.

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